We continue to make a difference!

When LPP traveled to Madison for the Day of Choice earlier in the year, we specifically asked each of our legislators to support the resolution.  Once Governor Walker signs this, it will go to Wisconsin lawmakers in Washington, DC.  Other states are also forwarding on their joint resolutions to their representatives.  The message for Choice is getting louder and stronger.

Wisconsin Legislature Recognizes the Importance of Choice


This afternoon Assembly Joint Resolution 51 passed both the State Assembly and Senate with a unanimous vote.  

The resolution states that “individuals with developmental disabilities should be free to choose the settings in which they receive services, including facility-based day programs, training centers, and sheltered workshops”.   Rick Wilson, a parent advocate and member of an A-Team, initially identified the need for a resolution after seeing a similar piece of legislation from another state.  Rick, who is a very strong advocate for a person’s right to choose from an array of service options, pursued passage of this resolution tirelessly for over 6 months. The passage of this resolution wouldn’t have been possible without Rick’s dedication as well as the work of many other advocates across the State of Wisconsin.  Please join me in congratulating and thanking them for their dedication to a full array of service options for people with disabilities. 

The resolution goes on to state that the “Wisconsin legislature recognize the value and need for facility-based day programs, training centers, and sheltered workshops and permitting individuals with developmental disabilities to freely choose the settings in which they wish to receive employment services.”  

You can read the full text of the resolution here.

To see pictures of the event and the many advocates and self-advocates who came out for the day click here.

Thank you, Linc