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New Bill Proposed by Rep. Grothman!

Congressman Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin’s 6th District, recently introduced Bill #5658 to ensure employment choice for people with disabilities. Please join us in thanking Rep. Grothman for authoring this bill and for his support by going onto his Facebook page!

Beginning next week, we will take further GRASSROOTS actions to make this bill a law. Stay Alert!
Rep. Glenn Grothman’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/RepGrothman 

Simply state (for example)…

“Thank you for authoring Bill #5658 to ensure employment choice for people with disabilities!” 


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Action Alert – We need your help!

Greetings A-TEAM Members and Friends,

I am sending out an A-Team Action Alert.  The Employment First Bill promotes supporting all forms of employment, including programs such as LPP prevoc. It is important that the following wording


7) Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit access to or choice of 
18allowable services, including prevocational services provided in accordance with 42 
19CFR parts 440
 and 441, in the family care program under ss. 46.2805 to 46.2895, the 
20Family Care Partnership program, and the self-directed services option, as defined 
21in s. 46.2899 (1).


remain in the bill.  It is also important that those who have been pressured or felt pressured to remove their family member from prevoc services for integrated employment services should contact your legislators and share your story.  There has been misinformation and misinterpretation regarding time limits on prevoc services occurring across the state.  It is now beginning to attract the attention of people in Madison, who had been unaware this was happening.  The power of grassroots advocacy is families sharing stories with legislators and decision makers.  Please click on 1-17-18 Action Alert link:


Under the section TAKE ACTION!, click the link to locate your state representative and state senator.  The email addresses will come up with their name and picture. 

Please let me know if you have questions regarding the Action Alert.

Yours in advocacy,

Margaret Winn

Big Lake WI A-TEAM Facilitator



National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

The month of October commemorates the 72nd Year of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) supported by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). Lakeside Packaging Plus, Inc. is proud to participate in and honor employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


This October, the DOL has chosen the theme: Inclusion Drives Innovation. At Lakeside Packaging Plus, we recognize that a full array of choices and the practice of self-determination are vital drivers behind innovation and a productive workforce. We are continuing to work with families, governments, community leaders, and people with disabilities to provide the best employment prospects possible while recognizing the need for autonmy and choice.


Lakeside Packaging Plus has provided employment opportunties and solutions for hundreds of workers with disabilites for over 55 years, with locations in Neenah and Oshkosh.


“At Lakeside Packaging Plus we strive to promote employment opportunities for workers with disabilities, while upholding their rights to self-determination and encouraging self-sufficiency. We are honored to be apart of NDEAM and celebrate employment for workers with disabilities,” states Margaret Winn, CEO.


Lakeside Packaging Plus, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing meaningful projects, employment and activities that enrich the lives of their associates with diverse abilities. Lakeside has two facilities, located at 1040 Breezewood Lane in Neenah and 100 W. Fernau Avenue in Oshkosh. For additional information about Lakeside Packaging Plus, Inc. visit www.lakesidepackagingplus.com or call 920- 725-8241. 


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ACTION ALERT – we need your help by September 20

Please follow the directions and respond.  There is not a need to write more than 2 or 3 sentences.

Thank you.

Margaret M. Winn

   Be AWARE:

·         On February 24, 2017, President Trump issued Executive Order 13777, with the objective of reducing the regulatory burden on the American people.

·         It requires federal agencies to undertake a review of their regulations to identify those that can be repealed, replaced, or modified.  

·         As part of this effort, federal agencies are soliciting public comments. It is important that A Team members comment on regulations that affect choice.



·         Department of Education (DOE) Secretary Betsy DeVos has invited the public to submit comment advising her what regulations or guidance should be repealed, replaced, or modified.

·         DOE has limited the choice of where a person can work in their interpretation of the law.

·         Further details can be found in this Action Alert through ACCSES http://mailchi.mp/accses/action-alert-dept-of-education-public-comments-due-sept-20?e=3f8f22d430


Be an ADVOCATE: Your Comment Counts!

It must be submitted by 11:59PM Eastern on September 20, 2017. Go to this web address and click on “Comment”.  (Date has been extended from 8.20.17 to 9.20.17)

PLEASE Cut and Past this into the beginning of your comment – to ensure it is matched to the correct regulation I am commenting on Regulation ID: ED-2015-OSERS-001-1167, State Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program; State Supported Employment Services Program; Limitations on Use of Sub-minimum Wage.


Considerations to comment on:

1. Self-advocates tell where you work and why it is important to you.

2. Family members – tell DOE why the government shouldn’t take away work choices for your  loved ones. Share your testimony as to why Community Rehabilitation Programs are important.

3. Tell DOE that WIOA regulations as written, limit the choices for training and employment for individuals under the age of 25 as they are not allowed to choose a Community Rehabilitation Program that offers training using the 14C special wage certificate.

4. Tell DOE the regulation is adverse to The Ability One and State set-aside programs, and to Community Rehabilitation Programs, by adding definitions and provisions that go beyond the intent of Congress in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, and thus will result in a loss of choice in jobs for individuals with disabilities. 



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The Resolution Passed! We did it!

We are very excited to announce the Wisconsin Assembly Joint Resolution 51 was voted on and PASSED by both the Assembly and Senate on Wednesday, June 14! It was a unanimous bipartisan vote.

This resolution is in support of maintaining all employment choices for disabled individuals, including those provided by Community Rehabilitation Programs. Wisconsin A Team members have been working with Representative Joel Kleefisch and Representative Cody Horlacher to construct/author it, along with many others to co-sponsor it. In total 34 legislators had signed onto it before it was voted on.  

CLICK HERE to view the resolution. 

THANK YOU to all those who to attended our “Day for Choice” events over the years to educate our state legislators on the importance of employment choice. This was all made possible because of YOU and your VOICE. 

The A Team Wisconsin movement is spreading nationally! There are now EIGHT states with established A Teams. We thank you for all your work in advocating for employment CHOICE!

Lakeside Packaging Plus wins Old National Bank Contest

Lakeside Packaging Plus wins $1,000 from Old National Bank

Huge thank you to all of those who voted for Lakeside Packaging Plus (LPP) during the Old National Bank 2017 Choose Your Charity Event.  LPP was chosen to receive $1,000 and those funds will be split between both locations. Special thanks to Old National Bank for choosing us.

Pictured back row Patti Langkau, Dale Bushman, John Zajkowski, Wade Paffenroth, Jerrad King, Linda Stern, Nicole Van Ornum. Front Row Christine Huber, Margaret Winn, Dawn Backhaus, John DeWolf, Holly Hermann



Wisconsin Legislature Recognizes the Importance of Choice Lakeside Packaging Plus visits Legislators-9

We continue to make a difference!

When LPP traveled to Madison for the Day of Choice earlier in the year, we specifically asked each of our legislators to support the resolution.  Once Governor Walker signs this, it will go to Wisconsin lawmakers in Washington, DC.  Other states are also forwarding on their joint resolutions to their representatives.  The message for Choice is getting louder and stronger.

Wisconsin Legislature Recognizes the Importance of Choice


This afternoon Assembly Joint Resolution 51 passed both the State Assembly and Senate with a unanimous vote.  

The resolution states that “individuals with developmental disabilities should be free to choose the settings in which they receive services, including facility-based day programs, training centers, and sheltered workshops”.   Rick Wilson, a parent advocate and member of an A-Team, initially identified the need for a resolution after seeing a similar piece of legislation from another state.  Rick, who is a very strong advocate for a person’s right to choose from an array of service options, pursued passage of this resolution tirelessly for over 6 months. The passage of this resolution wouldn’t have been possible without Rick’s dedication as well as the work of many other advocates across the State of Wisconsin.  Please join me in congratulating and thanking them for their dedication to a full array of service options for people with disabilities. 

The resolution goes on to state that the “Wisconsin legislature recognize the value and need for facility-based day programs, training centers, and sheltered workshops and permitting individuals with developmental disabilities to freely choose the settings in which they wish to receive employment services.”  

You can read the full text of the resolution here.

To see pictures of the event and the many advocates and self-advocates who came out for the day click here.

Thank you, Linc

James Masey - Board Member

James Masey joins Lakeside Packaging Plus Board of Directors

We are excited to announce that Jim Masey has joined the Lakeside Packaging Plus Board of Directors. Jim represents employers in labor negotiations, discrimination defense, disability and ADA issues, wrongful discharge or employment contract disputes, non-competition issues and other difficult personal transactions. He drafts employment agreements and negotiates employment severances. He represents employers of all sizes, including those with union and non-union workforces as well as police and fire departments. He is a member of the National School Attorneys Association, the State Bar of Wisconsin and the American Bar Association.



Sara Tilkens - Board Member

Sara Tilkens joins Lakeside Packaging Plus Board of Directors

We are excited to announce that Sara Tilkens, HR Director of YMCA Fox Cities joins our board of directors. Sara has been in HR for over 13 years in a variety of progressive roles and multiple industries including aviation, retail and outsourcing. She has her BBA in HR from UW Oshkosh and her Senior Human Resource Management certification. She has a passion for building relationships, process improvement and supporting people in all aspects of their job. Currently Sara leads the HR function for the YMCA of the Fox Cities, supporting 5 locations, 1800 employees with a team of 5 HR professionals.


Sara lives in Grand Chute with her two young daughters. She participates in their classrooms as much as possible. In her free time she enjoys outdoor activities such as running, biking and exploring with her girls. When indoor activities are required she is an avid “bargain hunter” and enjoys shopping for the best deals out there.