Community Integrated Employment

In October 2015, Lakeside announced its newest program – Integrated Employment.  Lakeside contracts with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to assist individuals with diverse abilities to find and maintain employment in the community. Lakeside uses a team approach to work collaboratively with employers and various other agencies within the Fox Valley area. Lakeside’s Integrated Employment team works to create an employment plan and strategy that is specific to each individual’s desires and abilities. Some of the services that may be provided include interview training, writing resumes, completing job applications and making employer contacts, and other job search activities. Once employment has been obtained, Lakeside will continue to support an individual to work towards successfully fulfilling his/her job duties independently. 

Lakeside can also assist employers in identifying organizational needs that can contribute to a more effective and profitable company by placing qualified Marlee1-editedindividuals in positions to help streamline an organization’s process.  Our desire is not only to assist our associates in having meaningful employment opportunities that actively engage them in society, but to assist businesses in fulfilling their unmet staffing needs. Furthermore, Lakeside can assist a business in implementing assistive technology needs that they may have as well as provide disability sensitivity training to employees. For questions regarding Integrated Employment, please contact:

Jenny Roth – Community Services Job Search Manager
or call 920-725-8241

Community Based Prevocational Services

We provide associates with diverse abilities the opportunity to explore the community and to participate in work activities beyond center-based employment. 

We call this program Community Based Prevocational Services (CBPS). The purpose of CBPS is to support associates in making informed decisions about integrated employment by using activities in the community to develop pertinent life skills, improve and explore job skills and research job opportunities. 
Lakeside provides CBPS in three modules and performs an assessment with the associate to determine which module is best as a starting point.
Please note, it is not necessary to begin with Module 1 if it does not serve the needs of the associate. 

Module 1: Introduction to Community Prevocational Services – This module can accommodate a group of four to six people and includes two sessions per week for three months. The curriculum and discussion is delivered classroom style first and then is applied in a community location. This module provides an introduction to community work activities for associates. Topics include: workplace etiquette, safety in the community, understanding self-esteem, how to be assertive, dealing with conflict, organizational skills and managing stress. 

Module 2: Prevocational Development – focuses on learning about interests and abilities by using a variety of community training sites provides real experiences for self-exploration. This module includes two sessions per week for six months. 

Module 3: Individualized Prevocational Services – develops independence to the highest possible level by assisting the associate in identifying interests, matching those interests with volunteer sites, securing a volunteer position, and then performing the duties. This module and duration is individualized for a 1:1 experience.  

If you are interested in learning more about Community Prevocational Services at Lakeside Plus, please contact:
TOM MENTELE — Neenah Coordinator of Adult Services 

HEIDI VARGAS – Oshkosh Coordinator of Adult Services