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Action Alert – We need your help!

Greetings A-TEAM Members and Friends,

I am sending out an A-Team Action Alert.  The Employment First Bill promotes supporting all forms of employment, including programs such as LPP prevoc. It is important that the following wording


7) Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit access to or choice of 
18allowable services, including prevocational services provided in accordance with 42 
19CFR parts 440
 and 441, in the family care program under ss. 46.2805 to 46.2895, the 
20Family Care Partnership program, and the self-directed services option, as defined 
21in s. 46.2899 (1).


remain in the bill.  It is also important that those who have been pressured or felt pressured to remove their family member from prevoc services for integrated employment services should contact your legislators and share your story.  There has been misinformation and misinterpretation regarding time limits on prevoc services occurring across the state.  It is now beginning to attract the attention of people in Madison, who had been unaware this was happening.  The power of grassroots advocacy is families sharing stories with legislators and decision makers.  Please click on 1-17-18 Action Alert link:


Under the section TAKE ACTION!, click the link to locate your state representative and state senator.  The email addresses will come up with their name and picture. 

Please let me know if you have questions regarding the Action Alert.

Yours in advocacy,

Margaret Winn

Big Lake WI A-TEAM Facilitator