Zoo themed board

Creating Art: As Confidence Builds, Associates Express What they Love

When 80% of human experience is filtered through the eyes, the use of color in day service activities for our associates goes a long way in providing an enriching experience.


Creating art is for all ability groups. We provide crafts that offer a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, and develop fine motor skills. Our associates are encouraged to provide input in coming up with a purposeful activities. These activities give our associates the opportunity to use their imagination, show their creativity, and are adaptable to their needs.


Our associates love to use paint and bright colored papers. We find these materials to be flexible and motivating. Paint can be applied to many surfaces with brushes, hands, or special instruments. We use water-based paints in our day services program because it comes off surfaces and skin easily. Lakeside Plus associates prefer bright colors in particular. Our staff encourages use of these colors, as well as adding white provide soft and calming tones. Painting with the hands is very effective and the tactile experience is enriching for all age groups. Our associates love the individual and unique results of this technique. For associates who cannot use their hands, they can guide and direct a brush with their head!


This month, our associates completed a Zoo themed bulletin board in the activity room. The story behind this work of art is the associates decided which animals they wanted to make. It’s the sense of confidence in their abilities to create something to be appreciated by others that allows people to grow.


Creating something on your own is an important part of the experience. That’s why our team members encourage associates to create art with the least amount of assistance possible. It’s so fulfilling to see the looks of accomplishment from associates after their beautiful creation is finished. We invite you to take a tour to see our associates’ artwork. If you have art materials including rollers, paint and paper you are willing to donate, we will gladly put them to use to create a new mural!


Our team is always looking for new ideas. What is your favorite art project?