Planned Giving

The possibilities are endless when designating a planned gift. Many donors choose to leave: 

Bequests: One of the most rewarding types of planned gifts is that of a bequest — a gift made in a will. A bequest allows you to retain full ownership and use of your assets during your lifetime, but ensures that your designated assets will be distributed to Lakeside Plus in accordance with your wishes. A bequest generally lists either a specific percentage of an estate or a dollar amount. 

Life Insurance can produce substantial benefits for a relatively small investment. There are many ways that you can give through life insurance. A few that we suggest are: 

  • Give a policy that you already own
  • Assign the dividends as a gift
  • Name Lakeside Plus as a beneficiary

In addition to estate tax benefits associated with life insurance contributions, you may also gain an income tax deduction through donation. 

Charitable Lead Trust – Through a charitable lead trust contribution, you can provide an income amount to Lakeside Plus for a period of years, at the end of which the principal reverts to you or passes to other members of your family. There are often significant estate tax benefits that you may reap as well. 

Charitable Remainder Trust – A charitable remainder trust allows you to make an irrevocable transfer of assets to Lakeside Plus and, in return, receive a lifetime income interest for specified beneficiaries. Thereafter, Lakeside Plus receives the assets representing the gift. 

Making a donation through an investment allows you to enjoy the income from your asset during your lifetime and take a charitable tax deduction at the time you make the gift. 

For additional information on planned giving contact our CEO Margaret Winn at 920-231-0870.