Margaret Winn - CEO of Lakeside Packaging Plus

Margaret Winn's article in the December New North B2B publication

Exploring Production Resources with “Greater Good” Focus Manufacturing at year end provides opportunities for reflection on the business. It’s in the still of those moments we cherish the new ideas and resources that percolate in our minds. Often we are reminded to tend to the human side of business beyond the traditional tenets of daily production. We consider our community and significance outside of work. I enjoy talking about what’s important for manufacturers, but also what’s meaningful. Have they employed someone who made a turnaround in their lives? Do they partner with an organization for workforce development? Is there an employee led cause for the “greater good”? Which issues are they most passionate about? After I hear their stories, I share the story of Lakeside Packaging Plus. Many employers are not aware of the services we provide, or that we find opportunities for meaningful work for all individuals, regardless of their level of ability. We employ passionate, enthusiastic individuals (associates) with diverse abilities. They have varying degrees of cognitive, mental or physical disability. Some participate in prevocational training and development. This involves assignments on light assembly, packaging, salvage, and material handling work. Our associates are paid a wage commensurate with their productivity. They either work at one of our facilities or through community training sites. At our production facilities in Neenah and Oshkosh, we provide approximately 300 associates with on-site employment opportunities. These associates help businesses supplement their own labor force for projects requiring hand labor and jobs not compatible with their normal production set-ups. Our associates are proud of what they do and we feel the same about them. We have an industry-leading accuracy rate on projects. We have been consistently recognized by our clients for providing an exceptional level of service and taking care of our associates. As you prepare for 2015, consider the projects you perform that have hand assembly or light machining component. Could this be something a new workforce with diverse abilities perform? By stretching your repertoire of production resources, you are helping your team and the community at large at the same time. Margaret Winn is CEO of Lakeside Packaging Plus (, a non-profit organization providing meaningful projects, employment and activities that enrich lives of associates with diverse abilities. Their person-centered approach helps associates learn, gain new experiences and define their own measure of success.920-231-0870