ServicesDay Services
Day services are for individuals who are not able to participate in production work or who desire to participate both production and other types of meaningful activities during the regular hours of the agency.

Production Prevocational Services
We provide vocational skill training and development, as well as skill maintenance opportunities in the areas of work habits, attitudes, skills and behaviors. This involves assignments on light assembly, packaging, salvage, and material handling work. Workers are paid a wage commensurate with their productivity.

Building Full Lives  (BFL)
BFL provides associates with the opportunity to explore the community and participate in work activities beyond center-based employment.  For more information about BFL Click Here

Eligibility for Services
To be eligible for funded services a person must have a diagnosis of a developmental disability (cognitive disabilities, cerebral palsy, brain injury) or mental illness; must be 16 years of age or older; and must have a source of funding.

Employment & Training
We Offer (in partnership with the State of WI, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation):
On the Job Assessments and Internships, at no cost to you. This allows you to assess a candidate’s skills prior to hiring. We also provide on-site work support to assist in training the candidate to your specifications. For more information click here.