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The Resolution Passed! We did it!

We are very excited to announce the Wisconsin Assembly Joint Resolution 51 was voted on and PASSED by both the Assembly and Senate on Wednesday, June 14! It was a unanimous bipartisan vote.

This resolution is in support of maintaining all employment choices for disabled individuals, including those provided by Community Rehabilitation Programs. Wisconsin A Team members have been working with Representative Joel Kleefisch and Representative Cody Horlacher to construct/author it, along with many others to co-sponsor it. In total 34 legislators had signed onto it before it was voted on.  

CLICK HERE to view the resolution. 

THANK YOU to all those who to attended our “Day for Choice” events over the years to educate our state legislators on the importance of employment choice. This was all made possible because of YOU and your VOICE. 

The A Team Wisconsin movement is spreading nationally! There are now EIGHT states with established A Teams. We thank you for all your work in advocating for employment CHOICE!