Known Rose Book Signing September 25

Cherie M. Rydz, an  employee of Lakeside Packaging Plus, has published her first book, Known Rose, a fantasy. The book is about the story of Angel, a young woman searching for her real parents. But the author has her own story, one of vision and determination to get the life she wants.



YOU ARE INVITED for refreshments from 4:00—5:00 pm on September 25 at Lakeside Packaging Plus – 1040 Breezewood Lane – Neenah. Hosted by the Fox Valley Sibling Support Network (FVSSN).


Books will be available for a donation of $10 to the FVSSN.


Lakeside Packaging Plus on TV with WFRV, Heather Sawaski

Recent State Ruling Could Impact Programs for Disabled

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV, Heather Sawaski) – Local advocates for the cognitively disabled are raising concerns over a recent ruling.


Lynn Ruedinger says there’s no place her brother would rather be.


“Terry has been here for 30 years,” she explained. “This is his whole life, this is his purpose, this is what he gets up in the morning for.”


Terry is one of 150 associates at Lakeside Packaging Plus in Oshkosh, a non-profit organization aimed at providing employment and other activities for the cognitively disabled.


“Anyone who comes to Lakeside and wants to work we find a way to provide the individual with work,” said Margaret Winn, CEO of Lakeside Packaging Plus.


Winn said that could all change due to a new waiver renewal plan from the Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services.


“There is no specific reference to center-based facilities, like Lakeside, and it’s causing a great deal of concern,” she said.


According to the DHS website, they have not yet received guidelines from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on how to assess these adult day programs. Winn and other local advocates fear this could mean a cut in funding and eventual closure.


“They’re thinking that they’re helping the individuals by saying they’ll be more integrated if we don’t have places like Lakeside or group homes,” explained Lori Mason, Cognitive Disabilities Transition Teacher at Neenah High School. “But really what you’re doing is taking away their choice because a lot of those individuals need that extra support.”


“It would be a terrible loss for them,” said Winn “I see isolation. I see loneliness.”


Lynn Ruedinger sees a major set-back.


“My greatest wish is, of course, that they continue to fund this because my brother is not the only person in this kind of situation,” she added.


The DHS is taking public comment on the waiver program until September 2nd. Winn wants to see the federal guidelines, then get an extra 30 days to provide comment.



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Human Services Meets Productivity article

Positive Economic Impact from Productive Contract Manufacturers

Lakeside Packaging Plus was recognized for their work in contract manufacturing in the July, 2014 issue of Insight on Manufacturing. The article, written by Manny Vasquez, Director of Existing Industry Services for the Fox Cities Regional Partnership, cited the combined workforce of three contract manufacturers (Lakeside Packaging, Valley Packaging Industries and STEP Industries) as almost 1,000 employees during peak seasons!


Vasquez describes the capabilities of Lakeside Packaging Plus as offering expert fulfillment, assembly, warehousing, shipping and other services. “As a 501c(3) corporation, Lakeside provides employment and day service activities to adults with diagnosed developmental disabilities including cerebral palsy, brain injury, cognitive disabilities or mental illnesses. After 51 years in business, companies continue to use LPP’s motivated and disciplined workforce to supplement their own labor pool for jobs requiring large amounts of hand labor, rush-order jobs and jobs not compatible with their normal production set-ups.”


Vasquez provides a strong endorsement for the employers he recognizes in the article. He states, “With more than 135 years of combined experience, these large Fox Cities employers offer a manufacturing model in which compassion for adults with employment barriers meets the productivity and results that businesses expect.”


To read Vasquez’s full article, please download the following PDF, Human Services Meets Productivity