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New MacIver Institute Videos Highlight Protection of Array of Services

Hello A TEAM Wisconsin members and friends:


As we continue our advocacy efforts in preservation of a full array of employment choices for all individuals with disabilities who have the desire for work; public awareness is essential. Therefore, when the MacIver Institute (www.maciverinstitute.com) decided to investigate the federal rule that may impact facility-based training, families and self-advocates were very willing to provide input and feedback.


As a result, the MacIver Institute has initiated a series of reports and videos that capture the importance of protecting all employment options for people with disabilities.


Please share this video with ALL of your friends and family members. It is vital that the message for CHOICE spreads throughout our community!

Video link: http://www.maciverinstitute.com/videos/2014/09/federal-rule-change-threatens-funding-for-disabled-workers/